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Thanks for stopping by. Starting from today, the second day of 2012, I would like to welcome you to the Nut & Bolt blog! From now on you can expect regular posts about the following:

Design, art, technology and science

Reflections on things ranging from beautiful products, through inspiring pieces of art to scientific breakthroughs that might influence our future relation with products. I will touch upon the areas of interaction design, open design, usability and design philosophy.

Project logs

The blog will mainly be a project log of the projects I do at Nut & Bolt. When designing interactive products, the process leading to the final product is often at least as interesting as the product itself. I believe in the strength of open design: being open about what you do makes it easy for people with different areas of expertise to chime in. In the project logs I will explain various steps of the design process, some parts briefly and some parts in detail.

Tutorials and technical stuff

When creating stuff that doesn’t exist yet, I often run into problems nobody has faced before. If the solutions to these problems are helpful to others, I will turn them into short tutorials and post them on the blog. A word of warning however: the posts might get a bit technical.

The above isn’t written in stone – it’s written in electrons. This blog will be a living thing: it will grow, evolve and perhaps even reproduce or go extinct. For now, have a look around the website. I hope to be able to inspire you. Enjoy!

(image at the top: nuts and bolts by Wonderdawg777)

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