«Hi, I’m David Menting – an Industrial Designer from the Netherlands. At my company Nut & Bolt I design smart products and elegant interactions for various clients. I have a passion for designing things that are easy to use, surprising and beautiful.»

Industrial Design


Nut & Bolt provides design solutions for interactive products. Integrating form, function, ergonomics and interaction to form elegant and effective products.

Design through prototypes

Camera prototypes

The process of designing something that doesn’t exist yet requires the designer to answer many questions. Nut & Bolt answers these questions by creating prototypes and iteratively improving upon them during the process.

New fab technologies

oMEo 3D printed prototype

Nut & Bolt has access to modern fabrication technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing. These technologies allow for high precision parts with low startup costs and a quick turnaround time.

Hardware and software

Wall Smart nano paint mock-up

Interactive products often require a combination of hardware and software. Nut & Bolt can assist with Arduino, microcontroller programming, electronic circuit design and prototypes.

Sensors & actuators

Chroma PCBs

Smart interactive products are aware of their surroundings. They sense whether someone is nearby, or whether it is dark or light or whether they are turned upside down. Nut & Bolt has experience with many different types of sensors and actuators, ranging from accelerometers to electric motors.

Wireless communication

Mike Thompsons Wi-Fi Dowsing Rod

Connecting an Android smartphone to a color-changing paint bucket or detecting Wi-Fi signals using a wooden stick – Nut & Bolt knows how to apply wireless communication in new ways.