Pristitrope for Quinten Swagerman

2014 — Concept and animations by Quinten Swagerman. Technical design and implementation by Nut & Bolt.

Pristitrope in the Digital Revolution exhibition

Dutch Starcraft League winner’s trophy

2014 — Laser cut trophy with wooden base and etched name plate for the Dutch Starcraft League. Designed and built by Nut & Bolt.

Dutch Starcraft League trophy

Water counter for Expeditiepoort Water

2014 — A counter that shows the volume of drinking water extracted from Geopark Hondsrug every year. Electronics by Nut & Bolt.

Water counter for Geopark de Hondsrug

Eye Society automaton

2014 — In collaboration with Hartnell Creative Communication. Automation, electronics and software by Nut & Bolt.

Eye Society automaton

Electro game for Beeld & Geluid

2012 — A simple matching game for small children. Electronics by Nut & Bolt.

Electro game for Beeld & Geluid

Aqua Vita by Susana Cámara Leret and Mike Thompson

2012 — Design advice, electronics and software by Nut & Bolt.


Computer Augmented Crafts for Christian Fiebig

2012 — A spot welding machine that guides you through the process of creating complex shapes. Sensors and Electronics by Nut & Bolt. It is currently on show in The Machine exhibition at C-Mine in Genk, Belgium.

Computer Augmented Crafts by Christian Fiebig

Human Birdwings for Floris Kaayk

2012 — A set of wings strong enough to enable a person to fly like a bird. Fictional project by filmmaker Floris Kaayk. Wing design, electronics & mechanics by Nut & Bolt. Have a look at the project’s process on the Human Birdwings project site.

Human Birdwings by Jarno Smeets (a.k.a. Floris Kaayk)

Chroma Interactive presents Chroma

2011 — An interactive installation responding to light, colour and movement.


Wifi Dowsing Rod for Mike Thompson

2011 — A dowsing rod that can detect Wifi signals. Electronics & mechanics by Nut & Bolt. It is currently on show at the Talk to Me exhibition at MoMA New York.

Wifi Dowsing Rod by Mike Thompson

Nano Supermarket: Wall Smart for Jonas Enqvist

2010 — Paint that can change colour by a touch on your mobile. Nut & Bolt designed and built a demonstrational prototype consisting of an interactive paint bucket and an Android App. Wall Smart is part of the permanent exhibition of the Nano Supermarket.

Wall Smart by Jonas Enqvist

Nano Supermarket: Latro Algae for Mike Thompson

2010 — A lamp that uses energy harvested by algae for its light. Nut & Bolt engineered the electronics for the demonstrator. Latro Algae is part of the permanent exhibition of the Nano Supermarket.

Latro Algae by Mike Thompson

20 pound mouse pointer for Next Nature

2008 — Physical mouse pointer with real pixels: 159 white LEDs. Decorational object for the Next Nature Power Show. Together with Baggermans, Dekker & Garret.

20 pound mouse pointer